Granddaughter of cabinetmaker and seamstress Fanny was born in sunny Marseille in 1991. Attracted by artistic and manual trades, what fascinates her above all is the creative approach and the research process.

A dental technician, she left to discover the world on the North American continent. It was after three wonderful years in Montreal that she decided to set sail for Lyon, in order to resume her studies and begin training in jewellery. She thus completed an Upgrade in Applied Arts, a CAP and a DMA, during which she obtained several merit scholarships and awards of excellence and won 3rd place in the Prix Avenir des Métiers d'Art 2017. She then decided to create a two-year Bachelor's in Product Design, Jewelery and Accessories at HEAD - Geneva in order to diversify your skills.

Following this Bachelor, Fanny Casano won the prestigious Hans Wilsdorf 2020 Excellence Award and founded ALMASANO with Florian Gay-Balmaz.

Born in the Lake Geneva region in 1991, Florian grew up in a family of musicians, an oboist father and a singer mother. Lulled by music since his earliest childhood, his creative spirit was already awake.

Very quickly, it is jewelery that attracts him and after 5 years of training at the CFP Arts in Geneva, he integrates various workshops thanks to a rigorous technical training.

After seven years in business, a desire to broaden his knowledge pushed him to resume his studies. In two years, he completed the Bachelor in Product Design, Jewelery and Accessories at HEAD - Geneva and thus carried out various and varied projects, in accessories, but also in products, by becoming familiar with new materials. This training allowed her to question the traditional world of jewelry and go beyond its limits by creating an innovative jewelry brand with Fanny. He also passes on his know-how to future jewelers in the CFP Arts workshops where he has been teaching part-time since 2020.