Choose your ring size

Are you looking for a jewel to offer yourself, or to offer to a loved one? The choice of size is not always easy.

How to determine a finger size? How to be sure not to make a mistake? If it's not the right size, what should I do? Legitimate and recurring questions from our customers. We have therefore decided to support you as best we can during this stage.

finger size

The notion of "right size" is relative and above all subjective and choosing a size is therefore a matter of feeling .

It is important to know that your finger size will vary throughout your life with age, weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and even during the day by one or even two sizes depending on the temperature. We can therefore deduce that a perfect and precise size to the millimeter does not exist . You just have to find the one that will be the most comfortable to wear.

However, what we can say is that an ideal finger size is a size that allows the jewel to pass the joint of your finger with a slight resistance and that you have to turn it a little to remove it and pass the joint. You can absolutely choose a difference size if you know that your fingers tend to swell in summer, for example.

Take your size

If you want to know your finger size without moving and you have a ring that is perfectly adjusted to the finger on which you will wear your Almasano piece, we offer the possibility of printing a size guide. Once printed, place the ring on the circle with the closest diameter.

Take into account that the measurements may vary slightly from one hand to another, so make sure that the ring chosen corresponds to the finger on which you will wear your ALMASANO jewel.

If you do not have a ring suitable for your finger, contact us to find a solution!



If you print at the wrong scale, the measurement will be distorted and you will not have the right finger size.

The size guide

For a gift or a surprise?

If you want to give a ring as a gift, discreetly borrow a ring of similar width to the one you have chosen (no more than 3 mm wide) from your loved one and proceed in the same way with the size guide.

If the ring is between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger one. For the record, an average size is between 52 and 53.

Note that it is also possible to simply measure a ring by measuring its inside diameter with a double decimeter but this measurement remains less precise and we always advise you to use a size guide or a ring sizer.

frequently asked Questions

Yes, depending on the temperature the size of the finger may vary. When it's hot, the fingers tend to swell. Conversely, the fingers retract with the cold.

Significant weight loss or gain is also a factor that affects the size of your fingers. Another factor is the thickening of the joints with age.

If you hesitate between two sizes, always choose the larger one. It is more comfortable to wear jewelry that is slightly larger than too tight.

We offer you the sizing of your ring if you return it within 15 days of receipt of the package. For this, contact us at .

The resizing takes 3 to 4 weeks , depending on the model of your ring and we only offer one sizing per piece of jewelry purchased. It is possible to resize a jewel a second time, but this service is charged.

Yes, we offer rings for all finger sizes . If your size is not displayed on the site, do not hesitate to contact us !